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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is professional liability insurance?

    Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance, protects businesses from claims of negligence or inadequate work.

  • How can business owners benefit from professional liability insurance?

    Professional liability insurance protects business owners from claims related to professional errors or negligence.

  • How does renters insurance benefit me?

    Renters insurance safeguards your personal belongings in case of theft or damage while renting a property.

  • Why should I consider life insurance?

    Life insurance ensures financial security for your loved ones in the event of your passing.

  • What does health insurance cover?

    Health insurance covers medical expenses, providing peace of mind for your healthcare needs.

  • Why choose our insurance agency?

    Our insurance agency offers tailored coverage and expert guidance to meet your specific needs.

  • What is commercial auto insurance?

    Commercial auto insurance protects vehicles used for business purposes, ensuring financial security in case of accidents.

  • What is workers' compensation insurance?

    Workers’ compensation insurance provides benefits to employees injured on the job, covering medical costs and lost wages.

  • How does general liability insurance protect my business?

    General liability insurance safeguards your business from third-party claims for bodily injury or property damage.

  • What is collision coverage in auto insurance?

    Collision coverage pays for repairs to your vehicle in case of an accident, regardless of fault.

  • How does property damage coverage work?

    Property damage coverage helps repair or replace property damaged by covered perils, such as fire or vandalism.

  • Why choose our insurance agency for personal coverage?

    Our insurance agency specializes in personal insurance, tailoring policies to your unique needs.

  • What life insurance options are available for individuals?

    We offer a range of life insurance options, including term life, whole life, and universal life insurance.

  • What are the benefits of our health insurance plans?

    Our health insurance plans provide comprehensive coverage, access to a wide network of healthcare providers, and peace of mind.

  • What is included in our commercial auto insurance policies?

    Our commercial auto insurance policies cover vehicles used for business purposes, including liability, collision, and more.